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Medicare Plans in California

If you live in California, you can now shop online for Medicare Plans in 2014.  The great news is whether you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego, you can shop and compare Medicare Advantage Plans on our website. With our state of the art search box, all we need is your zip-code.  We’ll find you several Medicare quotes from some of the top companies in your area.

2015 Medicare Advantage Plans in California

A Medicare Advantge plan which is also called Medicare Part C, can be a great way to get the health coverage you need once you are over 65.  These plans, which are sponsored by Medicare, come from some of the top private insurance companies in the nation.  

It’s important to remember thought that in order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan you have to be enrolled in a Medicare Part  A & B plan.  This means you will have to continue to pay your premium on the Part B plan.  But the great thing is once you join you will be protected and entitled to the benefits that come from MA plans.

To learn more about check out the Medicare Advantage Plans in California page provided by Q1 Medicare.

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