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Medicare Supplement Plans in Napa Valley

If you live in the Napa Valley area of California and need a Medicare Supplement plan, you might want to check out this recent article. The authors, THOMAS SCHRETTE AND JOHN ALAN CASH, answer an important question about finding a Medicare Supplement Plan if you live in the Napa Valley area.

The person asking the question has an Anthem Blue Cross plan that he’s happy with but his wife recently turned 65 and what’s more information on all the different plans and companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans in Napa Valley.

Here’s a quote:

“There are many insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans, including, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare/AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, and, recently, Aetna and Transamerica. About this time every year, the rates change. This year, we’re looking at approximately 7 percent higher.

The cool part of the combination of Medicare and a supplement is that you no longer have to worry about those dang confusing networks of contracted physicians.

As long as the doctor, lab, hospital, etc. accept Medicare, you are golden and the supplement of your choice will pay secondary to Medicare. If you are looking to eliminate out of pocket expenses, then Plan F is your choice, hands down.”

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